Thermobox See-Through (H-TST)

Optional thermal insulation for building a smart fireplace into any through niche of non-flame-resistant materials.

It is installed into the niche after the installation of drywall (or other wall material).
You can safely build a stone into a through niche with plasterboard, chipboard, wood and other non-flame-resistant materials.

The peculiarity of this case is that it allows you to install the fireplace so that it can be seen from two sides, from two adjacent rooms.

Thermobox Length Thermobox Width Thermobox Height Burner Length
800 мм 350 мм 500 мм 700 мм
900 мм 350 мм 500 мм 800 мм
1100 мм 350 мм 500 мм 1000 мм
1300 мм 350 мм 500 мм 1200 мм
1600 мм 350 мм 500 мм 1500 мм
2200 мм 350 мм 500 мм 2000 мм
2700 мм 350 мм 500 мм 2500 мм
Length: from 800 mm Width: 350 mm Heigh: 500 mm
Steel, thermal paint
Long side glass border
NEVERDARK Hidden Installation Thermobox See-Through for Automatic, Firetec (H-TST).pdf