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    Give your customers new emotions — fireplace with a real fire in your apartment

    Offer your customers
    innovations with Neverdark

    The modern customer wants more than just a fireplace,
    He wants a new level of feeling.
    Smart system
    No Touch
    Opening the lid of the fireplace
    with a wave of the hand
    Mobile application
    For convenient control
    and control of the fireplace
    Fireplace with volumetric
    fire «Chalet»
    Gives the full feeling of
    of a wood-burning fireplace
    Technology of combustion
    of ethanol vapors AEVB
    Real fire without products of
    combustion. Absence of contact
    fuel with fire
    Built-in auto refuelling
    Safe and easy refueling
    No contact with fuel
    Any ideas
    for any interiors

    The future of the fireplace market are smart fireplaces

    Smart control system
    Protection systems
    Heating the room
    Side effects
    Smart Fireplace Neverdark
    Real fire, with the control of
    height and length of the flame
    The safest fireplace: flame is
    localized, fuel is not volatile,
    there is no contact with fire and fuel
    Integration with a smart house,
    remote control via
    mobile app, automatic refueling
    Burning control, PIN-code,
    remote control with floating frequency radio module
    (Fully glazed models)
    (no smoke, no smell)
    Real fire
    High risk of ignition and spillage.
    Hot fuel contacting with fire, there is no burning control
    Impossible to connect
    Not provided
    Unpleasant smell of the fuel,
    excessive evaporation
    Real fire
    Dispersion of sparks,
    pulls coal onto the floor
    Impossible to connect
    Only in the design stage
    Smoke, soot,
    Real fire
    Volatility of gas,
    excessive pressure
    Impossible to connect
    Replacement of gas containers

    The safest

    Today, the smart fireplace is the safest and most convenient to install and operate among all existing types of fireplaces with a real fire.

    What benefits do you get from working with Neverdark?

    Direct delivery from the manufacturer, personal manager,
    Samples of fireplaces, and advertising materials.
    1. Marketing support
    • Marketing materials
    • Photo-video content
    • Common advertising campaign
    2. Sales support
    • Personal manager
    • Special conditions for samples
    • Training
    3. Technical support
    • Technical documentation
    • Individual drawings
    • Service support

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