Neverdark LOG


Freestanding design smart fireplace  [collection HD-m2]

Neverdark Log – a unique chimneyless fireplace with a volumetric burner.

The full feeling of an ordinary wood-burning fireplace in a city apartment.


Modern Bioethanol Vapor Combustion Technology (AEVB).

There is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame.
Advanced safety sensors and automatic monitoring of all systems.

Up to 9.5 hours of uninterrupted burning.


  • no smell;
  • the housing is not heated;
  • safety sensors, control of burning;
  • comfort and safe remote controlling;
  • easy and safe refueling;
  • operation control, information panel;
  • fuel can be left in the middle of the fuel tank;
  • 1.5-fold reduction in fuel costs;
  • 2 times less CO2 emissions;
  • 3 times longer combustion time.


Environmentally friendly.

Runs on liquid plant fuel.
Fast renewable energy source.  Has zero emissions.


LOG smart fireplace is modern technology combined with nature.

The atmosphere of a country house in an ordinary city apartment.
This is now possible thanks to innovations from Neverdark.


Mobile application.

Light the fire and adjust the height of the flame right from your phone.


Touch Display. Operate and control.

  • modes of operation
  • level of the fuel
  • PIN-code
  • flame height
  • sleep-timer


Built-in automatic refueling.

Just press the button and the fireplace fuels itself.


The controls are conveniently located on the hinged Push-to-open panel.


No installation required.

Just plug it in.


Compared to manual fireplaces:


Name Length Width Height
Neverdark LOG 1083 mm 314 mm 839 mm
Brass, black gloss
Length: 1083 mm Width: 314 mm : 839 mm
Stainless steel or brass (option: painted steel) thermal paint, thermal insulation, thermal glass
Time of burning
From 4,2 to 7 hours
Mobile application
Type of burner
Glass border
Type of refuelling
Additional remote control
NEVERDARK The LOG Technical documentation.pdf