Neverdark Automatic

Basic smart fireplace Automatic from Neverdark for your home.

Real live flame without a chimney.


Modern technology of bioethanol vapor burning  (AEVB).

There is no direct contact between fuel and flame. 
Safety sensors and automatic control of all systems.

Up to 6,5 hours of constant burning.

  • no smell;
  • the housing is not heated;
  • safety sensors, control of burning;
  • comfort and safe remote controlling;
  • easy and safe refuelling;
  • operation control, information panel.
  • fuel can be left in the middle of the fuel tank;
  • 1.5-fold reduction in fuel costs;
  • 2 times less CO2 emissions;
  • 3 times longer combustion time.


Environmentally friendly.

Operates on liquid plant fuel.
Quickly renewable energy source. It has zero emissions.


The smart fireplace is the heart of modern living.

Make your evenings memorable.


Remote controlling.

Light the fire with a single button and adjust the height of the flame.


Easy access to the Push-to-open control elements.

Just push on the panel and it will open.


Information display.

All information about the operating mode, fuel level, and flame height.


Easy installation.

Dips into a cutout in any flat surface and plugs into an outlet.


For additional protection, it is installed in a thermobox.


Compared to mechanical  manual fireplaces:




Name Length Width Height
Automatic 700 700 mm 250 mm 188 mm
Automatic 1000 1000 mm 250 mm 188 mm
Automatic 1200 1200 mm 250 mm 188 mm
Automatic 1500 1500 mm 250 mm 188 mm
Automatic 2000 2000 mm 250 mm 188 mm
Matt any RAL
Length: 700 mm Width: 250 mm Height: 188 mm
Type of a burner
Painted steel
Operating time
Up to 6 hours
Remote control
Linear; corner; radial
Optional: 700mm to 2000mm
Glass border
Type of refuelling
ARS external module
Not available
NEVERDARK Automatic Technical documentation.pdf