We control the fire

We think
That a real fire should be in every apartment. It is part of our true nature.
We know
That a fireplace can be as simple, convenient and safe as any household appliance.
We are sure
That soon the fireplace will burn in every apartment as part of the smart home ecosystem.

Hard facts, not empty words, speak for us

Years of innovation in smart fireplaces
Realized objects in different countries
International quality certificates
Countries where Neverdark is represented
Yaroslav Lysak
CEO Neverdark

Watch a video of our new fireplace that we are proud of

Neverdark — is
passion for innovation

  • Through innovation, we are creating a new understanding of fire.
  • You do not need to buy a private home to have a fireplace.
  • A fireplace is a modern device that is easy to put in any apartment.

Neverdark Values

We are eco-friendly in everything, from the fuel our rocks run on to the relationships we build with our partners.
If there is a technology that improves our products, we will apply it. If it hasn't been invented yet, we'll create it and apply it anyway.
We burn with what we do and inspire others. Passion is our greatest value.
Fire inspires

We are not afraid of complex custom solutions

Our team is united by a love for beautiful moments. We produce fireplaces that can create an amazing atmosphere.

Remember campfire gatherings, how warm it gets in the dark woods when everyone tells their stories.
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